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API Lists - Provide the ability to return all related fields

Currently when you return a list such as a list of Vendors, the API only returns a small subset of the actual fields which is probably ok in most cases. However if you need a field not on the list then you are required to call a different end point to get the other information. In the event you have thousands of vendors, I now have to make thousands of separate calls to get the information I want. This is inefficient and in some cases will cause us to go over our rate limits. At a minimum there should be a switch/flag in the List end point to allow us to either return and exhaustive list of all fields or the current abbreviated field list. I should have to make thousands of API calls for each and every vendor record to get the information I need when a single call should be sufficient.

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  • Peter Litvak commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Our use case is around needing to have attachments present in the list based API calls.
    If a flag to include all of the fields and sub-objects is too much (and sometimes it can be) the optional selector param, e.g. include=attachements|etc|etc could be a solution

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