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API - Need to be able to load inactive Vendors and Users the same way we do for Projects now

Right now we can load projects and get active and inactive ones using a filter. This is super helpful.
But we cannot load inactive vendors in a similar manner. There is an API endpoint to load the, but what we get back is "vendors lite", missing key fields such as origin_id. The only way to get origin_id is to re-active each vendor and then load it, and then set it back to inactive -- a terrible solution!
Please please please, make this work exactly the same way as project - allow us to pass in a filter asking to include all statues. And then give back actual Vendors, not some evil lite twin.
Same issue for Users (aka Vendor Contacts, aka Company People)

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    Hey we are still waiting on feedback on this. If we bring in a vendor from ERP, and flag it with an origin_id, and someone inactivates the vendor in Procore, we have no way at all of finding that vendor based on origin id. You can get a list of inactive vendors, but you cannot update any of them. You cannot see their origin_id's either. And yet if you try to add a vendor with that same origin_id, the API says origin_id already exists. This is inconsistent and fragile!

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