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Integrate with Sign Now

We would use Sign Now with the Procore Forms Tool primarily in the field. Procore allows us to load custom forms into the tool and then fill them out on a mobile device but does not allow for signing a form with a finger. Signing is necessary when we need a subcontractor to acknowledge a document. This led us to look for another solution. We are into week 2 of testing Sign Now. It’s going well and we will mostly likely purchase a license for each of our jobsites once our free trial is up.

Currently, we are using the following forms with sign now:
1) Accident/Injury report. The report can be completed in the field at the site of the accident real time and the people involved can sign to acknowledge. This allows us to get the paperwork back to the home office (Safety, HR, Management) without the Superintendent having to go back to the trailer to fill out and print paper work that then needs to be signed and scanned and e-mailed. Huge time save.
2) 24 hour notice for clean up – subs can be notified right there on site. They then sign to acknowledge the notice and the notice is e-mailed back to their management.
3) Safety Violation – again, safety violation notices can be issued to a sub’s supervisor right then and there after the sub has accepted that he/she has been notified of the violation
4) Jobsite Safety Acknowledgement Form – Each worker is required to received a 5 min jobsite safety orientation and watch a 10 minute safety video and sign the acknowledgement form that they have received this information. During the course of the job this can be over 500 forms. Sign now gives us a faster way to manage all of these signed forms. No more printing, signing, and scanning. We have even loaded the safety video on the superintendent’s tables so they can now conduct the safety training on the spot in the field instead of having to pull guys out of the field to send them to the trailer to be trained since now they can sign the safety form right there.

Opportunities for integration include the following:

1) Integrate with the Procore project directory. Right now, we have a project admin monitoring the e-mail inbox to see when forms are received. They then forward the forms accordingly. Our preference would be for the superintendent filling out the form to forward it the appropriate people. Since they don’t have access to the Procore Project Directory, they can’t select e-mail addressed for the forms to be sent to.
2) Integrate with the Documents tool: All of the forms Processed through Sign Now are being uploaded to Procore. Again, the project Admin has to monitor that e-mail box and manually upload the signed forms to the Procore Documents Tool. It would be ideal if the forms would automatically be saved to the Procore Documents tool.
3) Integrate with the Observations and Punch Tools. Observation and Punch Items can be created and assigned in Procore instead of having someone acknowledge through a form. Ideally we would want to use the observation tool for Safety Violations and Notice for clean up but we need the sub to sign to acknowledge they have been notified. Using a form instead of an observation or punch item causes us to lose the ability to track an observation or punch item through Procore.

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    Integrate Sign Now. It's the best solution for mobile signing, much better then docusign. It should be incorporated into Forms first and anywhere else where in person signing needs to happen.

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